Imagine how good it would be if your CV or Resume was loved so much by employers, that they couldn’t not invite you to an interview, and then offer you the job, and on the very best terms possible also.….


Learn how you can change your approach to CV / RESUME writing and increase the number of interviews you are offered, and the chances of getting the job you want.


Discover The New, Different and Better Approach to CV / Resume Writing


Receive New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions that you can use to 1. Turn CV or Resume Failure into Success if that is what you have expercienced or 2. Success into Even Greater Success or 3. If you haven't yet started, how you can Short Cut Straight To The Best Results.

Achieve Success Quicker


It can be painful and costly if it takes you an age to get the results you want and need. Learn to do the right things, and do them, and you can get results quicker.

Increase The Number of Job Interviews and Offers You Receive And The Quality


Discover how you can 1. Increase the number of Job Interview and Selection Process Invitations you receive, 2. Increase the number of Job Offers you receive and 3. Increase the Quality of Job Offers and the Package you can Negotiate. It all comes down to how much you can make an employer want you!

Achieve The Best Possible Results


The better your CV or Resume, the better the possibe results you can achieve. Learn how to take CV and Resume writing to the highest level.

"My aim is to offer you the best CV / Resume advice in the world, so that you can increase your success and have the best career and life possible." Jonathan Blain

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Introducing the New Approach: New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions, to  help you to write a better CV, that increases your chances of being offered a job interview, and getting a job you really want. This exact framework has taken years to refine, and has helped many people to achieve a breakthrough, and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. You'll learn how to:

Game Change Your Approach to CV and Resumes.

  • Increase The Number of Interviews You Receive
  • Increase Your Chance of Getting a Job you Want in The Interview
  • Increase Your Ability to Negotiate the Best Deal When You Get Offered The Job
  • Achieve Success Quicker
  • Achieve The Best Possible Results
  • Achieve Happiness and Fulfillment in Your Career


Jonathan Blain’s CV Resume GAME CHANGE

Turn CV or Resume Failure into Success or    -    Turn Success into Even Greater Success or   -   If You Haven't Started Yet, Simply Short Cut to The Best Results

This free and immediately available online training workshop is designed to help you to make a shift, and significantly change your approach to writing your CV / Resume right now, to not just increase the number of interview offers you receive, but also to set up those job interviews, to maximise the offers you receive, and maximise the client’s perceived value in you, meaning you get the best possible offer.

Helping as many people around the world, to solve their job hunting and career problems or to just maximise their career success, has become part of Jonathan Blain’s life purpose. Each year, Jonathan teaches people from all levels and backgrounds and ages from career starters to the most senior executives of major organisations to leverage the power of new thinking, new ideas and new solutions that can make the difference to you. Jonathan is a Best Selling Author of 12 Books with sales of over $3.8m. A thought leader for the next generation, whose work has previously been endorsed by many top leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 companies including: Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, St James’s Place, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy. Jonathan has previously appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, BBC Worldwide, Reuters, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service, Radio Wales, BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio Oxford and has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Saturday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, The Financial Times and more.

What Our Clients Say

  • I had 3 final offers on the table at the end, and the final role I accepted had been created solely for me, in a brand new part of the business! I am now Business Transformation Manager for a well known publishing company and could not be happier. Not bad for someone who had not had an interview in over 6 thank you Jonathan for helping me get a role that I could not have possibly dreamed of obtaining before
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