Jonathan Blain

Jonathan Blain is a Bestselling Author and Thought Leader, a Job Hunting and Career problem Solving Expert.

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CEO and Senior Executive CV and Resume

Posted by on in CV / Resume / Curriculum Vitae Writing
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When you have reached the level of CEO / Top Executive, lots of people look up to you and think your life and career is great; often others aspire to be just like you, and to achieve what you have achieved, yet for many there is a price to pay.


Lower down in your career it was much easier to find support, in fact often people would volunteer it, but the higher up the ladder you get, the less people seem available to offer you personal advice; they either feel you don’t need it, or wouldn’t welcome it, and in some respects seeking advice can feel like weakness, or an admission that you have a problem. Often those who actually offer advice, often know less than you do, there is nothing worse than being on the receiving end of advice you don’t rate and can’t trust.


Increasingly CEOs / Top Executives find a shortage of certain types of advisers, who understand their issues, and the challenges that they face. A perfect example of this, is finding someone able to offer highly relevant CV / Resume writing advice and support. People who have been CEOs and Top Executives, generally speaking, don’t pick up second careers as CV writers and CV / Resume experts.


Times change, and many CEOs / Top Executives find themselves needing or wanting new jobs and career opportunities. For the select few, opportunities come to them, but for the vast majority you have to get out into the job market, network and search for jobs online, submit your CV / Resume and apply for jobs, just like people lower down need to.


In many respects the more senior you are, the more challenges you face. There might not be as much competition for high level jobs, but invariably the calibre of the competition is high, meaning that achieving success can be challenging.


When you are used to being at the top, looked up to and respected, typically the one making the decisions, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes frightening to have to go through other people’s recruitment and selection processes. Perhaps for the first time in ages, you face the real prospect of failure and rejection, it can hurt your ego, damage your confidence and give you considerable stress and anxiety.


I know because I have been there. In 2007 / 2008 when the global financial meltdown happened, my previously successful career hit the buffers, I found myself in the unfortunate situation of being out of work with no income, in an increasingly desperate situation. I’d previously been a Royal Naval Officer, a CEO of a Quoted Plc for nearly five years and Managing Director of the FTSE 100 subsidiary company. At that time, few organisations were hiring, in fact many were going out of business or laying people off, it was the toughest time for job hunting in a generation.


Through a synchronistic sequence of events, I reluctantly took at low paid job as an executive level CV / Resume writer. In line with my personality and character, I immediately knew I wanted to make a big difference to the careers and lives of the people whose CV’s I was helping to create. I simply can’t do ordinary, I can’t fit in with the status quo, or be average, and settle for mediocrity. I felt drawn to answer two simple questions:


Why do some people’s CVs / Resumes work and others don’t?

What do you need to do, if you want to get the very best results possible?

These are simple questions, but the answer to both are not. It ended up taking me seven years of research, study, experimentation until I finally worked out the answers. My starting point on almost any project is to find out what is best practice, who knows more about this than anyone else, who is at the top of their game in this? That becomes the starting point, after which I am driven to discover how to become even better. This involves pioneering into the unknown, innovating, trial and error, and using imagination and judgement.


After writing 500+ executive level CV’s I stopped writing CVs / Resumes for other people, and started teaching, helping and supporting them to write their own. I helped many people to turn failure into success, success into even better success and for those who hadn’t started to short cut straight to the best approach to get the best results. It became a part of life purpose to help others to:


  1. Live better lives


  1. Have betters careers


  1. Run better businesses / organisations and


  1. Make the world a better place.


I have a belief that as human beings we are all in some way connected, we are better when we work together, collaborate and help each other. Our lives are connected to our careers, our careers are typically connected to businesses or organisations, and we individually and collectively have the ability to make a contribution to a greater good. If your career goes well, it gives you choices in your life, and impacts your quality of life, lifestyle, your happiness and fulfillment. Whilst it is possible to do well in your career by being selfish and nasty, it doesn't ultimately bring you happiness, that will come when you contribute positively to others, to the business and organisations you come into contact with.


When you come to write your new CV / resume, it is really a chance to take stock to look at where you have come from you, what you have got and achieved, where you are now, and to consider what you want for the rest of your career and your life. You also need to see how the world has changed, and how it is changing and how you can find your place, that enables you to be happy, successful and fulfilled.


CV and Resume writing is part art and part science. It felt like everything I had ever done, experienced and achieved was part of a giant apprenticeship to help me to serve other people better. My past experience as an award winning salesman and marketer, owner of a sales training company, recruiter, MD of a FTSE 100 subsidiary recruitment company, an entrepreneur who had previously made millions and a bestselling non-fiction author and thought leader of (12 books / $3.8m+ sales) whose work had previously been endorsed by many top leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 companies including Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, St James’s Place, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy all became relevant. I have always liked leadership; I created arguably the world’s most comprehensive video based education resource on leadership excellence, where I interviewed top leaders from the military, business, academia and top thought leaders. It felt only natural to offer inspiring, visionary leadership in CV and Resume writing.


I developed a radical new, game changing approach that is completely different to anything else that exists. It is called the CV / Resume Game Change System


I’ve created a free training workshop to tell you more about what I discovered; you can access it, simply by going to the website, and signing up for it. What you’ll learn is that the CV document itself is just the tip of a very big metaphoric iceberg.


If you are a CEO or a top executive, I can offer you CV and Resume writing support like no other, at the leading edge, 100% focussed on delivering the best results.


For a confidential chat please contact me: Jonathan Blain, Tel: 0787 33 33 0 33 .


Jonathan Blain is a Bestselling Author (12 Books / $3.8M+ sales) , Thought Leader, Problem Solver and Change Maker.

Jonathan is a Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving Expert, Founder of the Job Hunting and Career Help Club and Creator of the Revolutionary CV / Resume Game Change Approach to CV and Resume Wriring - The World's most advanced and results focussed approach to CV and Resume Writing.

In 2007 / 2008, when the financial crisis hit,  Jonathan's previously highly successful career, hit the buffers, he found himself out of work with no income in an increasingly desperate situation. It was to become a life changing experience, during which he discovered his life purpose was to help others: 1. Live Better Lives, 2. Have Better Careers 3. Run Better Businesses / Organisations and 4. Make the World a Better Place.

Jonathan took a job as an executive level CV / Resume Writer, wrote 500+ CVs / Resumes. He became obsessed with discovering why some CV / Resumes worked and others did not and what you had to do to achieve the very best results with your CV / Resume. What followed was seven years of study, trial and error until he finally figured it out.

Jonathan combines seven years of research and study, with pioneering thought leadership, innovation and creativity, and an extraordinary depth and breadth of personal experiences including as: e.g. including being a job seeker, employer, recruiter, bestselling author of 12 books / $3.8m sales, an innovator and thought leader, CEO of a quoted PLC and leader in the public and private sectors, an entrepreneur who has made and lost millions, award winning salesman and marketer, HR manager etc. He offers a new perspective, different to anyone else in the market, which gives him the edge and enables him to help you and others better with: New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions.


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