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Jonathan Blain is a Bestselling Author and Thought Leader, a Job Hunting and Career problem Solving Expert.

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Disruptive Innovation in CV and Resume Writing Has Arrived

Posted by on in CV / Resume / Curriculum Vitae Writing
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There is probably more advice on CV and Resume and Curriculum Vitae writing that almost anything else, in fact there is so much advice available, it is simply overwhelming. Have you noticed that most of the advice seems quite good and logical, but feels like it is all the same? Have you ever felt like there was a need for something completely different, a complete fundamental game changer that changes everything? I thought these things, and it resulted in seven years of study, I simply wanted to be able to answer two simple questions:

  1. Why do some CV / Resume / Curriculum Vitae work and others don’t?
  2. What do you need to do, if you want to achieve the very best results possible?

Seven years is a long time to figure out the answer to two simple questions, but after not just seven years of research, study, trying things out and drawing on my own personal experiences, I finally figured it out. Halleluiah, it felt like a Eureka moment, I wanted to run out into the street and shout out loud, “I’ve finally figured it out”, but of course my voice is just one amongst millions. You can shout out, but it is no good if nobody hears, if you are drowned out in a sea of voices, but you are here, and now you can hear my voice, and learn what I discovered, and it is a revelation, and offers the potential for a revolution. In learning what I learnt, you can:

  1. Turn CV / Resume Failure into success if that is what you have experienced.
  2. Turn CV / Resume Success into even greater success
  3. If you haven’t yet started, you can short cut, straight to the best approach to get the best results as quickly and effectively as possible.

What I discovered is:

  1. What is right and what is wrong isn’t straight forward. Most CV / Resume advice has one of two elements “Do this” and “Don’t do that”. There is not necessarily anything wrong with the advice, it is just that it is not based on reality. The best way of describing what I mean is to talk about beauty, if I was to say to you, “this person is beautiful” and “this person is not beautiful”, it is not to say that I am right. There is a saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Different people hold different values and beliefs and have different opinions and perspectives, it is what makes us all human, that is why some people might like you and value you and others won’t, it is not logical it is psychological.
  2. Writing a CV that works and also writing one that gets the best results is actually “Part Art and Part Science”. You have to try to understand how the recipient might perceive things, what they might like, value and how they might make decisions. You can do research, but you can also use your imagination and try and metaphorically put yourself in their shoes. You have to use your judgement in how best to write a CV that gives you the maximum chance of success.

What I learnt is that to get better results you need to fundamentally do three different things:

  1. See things differently.
  2. Think differently.
  3. Act differently, either do new things that you are not currently doing, or do the same things you are currently doing but better.

In addition to these three things there are two strategies you can embrace to enable you to 1. Get your CV / Resume to work and 2. To get the very best results possible.

The first of these strategies is to adopt a “Paradigm Shift”, which is a disruptive innovation, it is a real game changer:

Strategy One – Adopt an Employer Centric Approach

Most people believe their CV / Resume is just about them, but the reality is that whilst it is obviously about you, it is also about the recipient, their wants, needs and deepest desires.

As soon as you adopt an employer centric approach, you can change the game, turn failure into success if that is what you have experienced, success into even greater success and if you haven’t yet started you can short cut straight to the best approach, to achieve the best results as quickly and effectively as possible.

I can show you how to do it, but not in this blog article.

Strategy Two – Take Your CV / Resume Writing to the Highest Level

Job hunting is normally a competition, you are up against other people and you need to be able to compete and win.

It is just like a sport or a game that you play. The truth is that we can choose to do anything in life at any level. If you make the analogy of sport, you can play a sport at any level from a novice to a world or Olympic Champion. When you decide you want to compete and win at the highest level, you see things differently, you think differently, and ultimately you act differently, doing different things to other people or the same things but better.

Take this concept to CV / Resume Writing, and you can see when simply following the same old advice, doing the same old things as everyone else, won’t get you an advantage.

I can help you take your CV / Resume writing to the highest level, to get the best results, but you have got to want to. Is it easier? Of course not, you have to work harder and smarter, but then that is life isn’t it, you get out what you put in. Take the lazy, easy approach and your results are likely to reflect it.

I hope this advice has served you. 


Jonathan Blain is a Bestselling Author (12 Books / $3.8M+ sales) , Thought Leader, Problem Solver and Change Maker.

Jonathan is a Job Hunting and Career Problem Solving Expert, Founder of the Job Hunting and Career Help Club and Creator of the Revolutionary CV / Resume Game Change Approach to CV and Resume Wriring - The World's most advanced and results focussed approach to CV and Resume Writing.

In 2007 / 2008, when the financial crisis hit,  Jonathan's previously highly successful career, hit the buffers, he found himself out of work with no income in an increasingly desperate situation. It was to become a life changing experience, during which he discovered his life purpose was to help others: 1. Live Better Lives, 2. Have Better Careers 3. Run Better Businesses / Organisations and 4. Make the World a Better Place.

Jonathan took a job as an executive level CV / Resume Writer, wrote 500+ CVs / Resumes. He became obsessed with discovering why some CV / Resumes worked and others did not and what you had to do to achieve the very best results with your CV / Resume. What followed was seven years of study, trial and error until he finally figured it out.

Jonathan combines seven years of research and study, with pioneering thought leadership, innovation and creativity, and an extraordinary depth and breadth of personal experiences including as: e.g. including being a job seeker, employer, recruiter, bestselling author of 12 books / $3.8m sales, an innovator and thought leader, CEO of a quoted PLC and leader in the public and private sectors, an entrepreneur who has made and lost millions, award winning salesman and marketer, HR manager etc. He offers a new perspective, different to anyone else in the market, which gives him the edge and enables him to help you and others better with: New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions.


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